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Originally Posted by Aeon418
I have seen these card pairs before, but not arranged according to the Tree of Life. The same sequence can be found by just laying out the Major Arcana in a double line, 0 - X, XI - XXI. Each of the card pairs adds up to 21 and the first two, The Fool and The Universe spell the hebrew word ATh(Ateh, the opening of the Qabalistic Cross).

Of course if you start changing the cards around the pairs don't add up to 21.
But this 'magic' has to do with the numbers on the cards. if you change the cards round, they will still add up to 21 - it doesn't matter which trumps you put in X & XI - the numbers still add to 21! You could put the Fool and the Empress there, and they still sum 21 because it is the numbers that do so, not the quality of the trump.
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