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Originally Posted by Aeon418
Ummm.....what!? I'm lost. LOL
'Sfunny, this subject always brings the babble out of everyone....

What I was trying to say was that it didn't matter which Trump/Card you placed with a particular number, because the number of the pair would always add up to 21.

In the example I gave:
X & XI - traditionally Fortune and Lust.

If for some whacky bizarre reason you chose to re-assign the order of the cards, and decided to place (say, for example) The Empress at X and Death at XI, you would find that the cards still sum to 21.

I believe you were making a point that changing the order of cards would mean that you wouldn't get that pairing.

The point is that Waite changed the order of Strength and Justice and did not retain the original numbering, thus card VIII (whichever one it is) and card XIII will always add to 21.

It was a minor nit-pick at your argument, nothing of any great importance to grand scheme of things.

Now while I'm here, one of you knowledgable chaps may be able to answer this question:
Are the Hebrew letter associations with the paths of the Tree set? Are there various interpretations of what Hebrew Letter sits where, or is there consensus on this? - Independent of Tarot/Astrological/etc associations. This is a question of pure qabbalah, nothing else.
Is there, for example, an idea where Lamed DOES NOT occupy the 22nd path between Geburah and Tiphareth, that it is on another path?

This answer would be muchas gracias.

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