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Originally Posted by Windhorse

Are the Hebrew letter associations with the paths of the Tree set? Are there various interpretations of what Hebrew Letter sits where, or is there consensus on this? - Independent of Tarot/Astrological/etc associations.
Originally Posted by Aeon418

There's no consensus whatsoever! The Hebrew letters can be placed on the Tree in lots of different ways. (There are even different Trees!) But they all still reveal "truths".

Quite so. Keep in mind that what we see today as the Tree of Life glyph is the result of European thought from the 16th century onwards, and much of that comes from 19th century Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn study. This is where the appellation of letters and cards to paths originate. However, their motives had more to do with ceremonial magick than any philosophising on the human condition and spiritual mechanics as we do these days.

When I refered above to "traditional" path associations I meant Western orthodox (i.e. Golden Dawn) tradition rather than original Judeac Kabbalah tradition which does not recognise the paths between the sephiroth as significant.

Sorry if I confused the issue with too many traditions.
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