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Endings and Beginnings
"The old must be released so that the new can enter"

The card itself, the background, I mean, is that of the Universe. The order of the Universe is that of change, nothing stays the same, it can be said that the only constant is change. This state of endings and beginnings, and deaths and births, even goes on in the Universe, including the stars.

Another thing, nothing can be destroued. If something has died, then the matter from that is used to make something new. Matter cannot be destroyed. In some sense it can be said that nothing in the Universe stays in a vaccuum, if something has died there is always something there, even if it is just gas. This gas in the Universe can be used to build or to make something new, so that it can be given birth in a sense.

The same thing applies to your life. There are endless endings and beginnings, and deaths and births in your life. This is how we grow through our experiences and be able to be transformed. These endings are not pleasant, but if something has ended usually it is because it has passed its used by date and holds no purpose for us any more, except for whatever we needed to learn from that experience. You can take away what you need to learn from the experience and let the rest go, what is of no use to you any more. As the Universe doesn't like vaccuums, the ending will be replaced with a beginning.

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