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Originally Posted by Windhorse
I realise we are in the Crowley/Thoth forum, and that therefore we are looking at cards based on the GD system - but Crowley appears to have deviated somewhat from the GD anyway because he recognised flaws.
I don't agree with you that Crowley deviated from the Golden Dawn qabalistic tradition. His swap of the Emperor and the Star is based firmly on ideas contained in that tradition. If you don't understand the old tradition Crowley's "evolution" won't make much sense.

It's worth pointing out again that Tarot cards and their placement on the Tree of Life are not Qabalah. They are just a correspondence within the qabalistic scheme. Crowley didn't alter the GD's qabalistic tradition. All the hebrew letters are where the GD placed them. He just moved two tarot cards to reflect a change in consciousness from an external "God the Father" to an expression of inner divinity.

Originally Posted by Windhorse
So why is GD considered the 'norm'?
I pretty much agree with Dulcimer's comments on this question. I might also add that the GD qabalistic tradition is very open ended and very eclectic, in a way that moves it beyond it's Hebrew origins. Because it's not rooted in any one tradition it's very adaptable and can be used by anyone whatever religious beliefs (or lack of) they hold. It's a simple case of ease of use = greater popularity.
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