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Point taken....

The only reason I asked was that if there are alternative interpretations of the Kabbalah, why is GD the norm. The answer of course is due to western culture's inherent ethnocentricity. And that's fine, from a western point of view.

And yes I realise we are talking about Tarot here, and its superimposition on the pre-existent Kabbalistic system.

But I have a particular fetish for comparative studies - yes, I am a card-carrying post-structuralist - and believe it to be quite a fine way to truly understand the tarot thank you very much. The Tarot is a text after all, and I feel subject equally to literary and art criticisms.
As such I need to get to the bottom of why one interpretative system is looked on as being 'the norm', over any other valid system.

And I thank Kwaw for his brief contribution (or was that in the other thread...?)

But seriously, can we combine the two threads and just make this the Study Group thread for The Star - both have had fantastic and valid discussions on the nature of this card. The whole Emperor/Star/Lust/Adjustment debacle is a very important part of what this card in the context of Crowley's Book of Thoth deck is all about.

So, hey Moderator - please please please can we somehow combine the two threads and keep going with this?
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