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Originally Posted by Dulcimer
Actually there is one other card - and ONLY one other card - that has a lateral division on it. That card is card XVII, The Star. It sits, incongruously, alongside The Emperor at Chesed. Take a good look at it. You should be able to see it. It is the horizon of the "Great Sea" she is pouring the Amrita into with the celestial globe and abyss above it. Significantly it is at the bottom of the card. There is nothing forced in seeing this division I hope you'll agree...

Of course it throws the door wide open to that old chesnut about tzaddi is not The Star. Well maybe it aint The Emperor either!
Getting back to your original topic, Dulcimer old chap....

I think your idea concerning the pictorial division in some of the cards has merit, and I do plan to quantumplate on this ordering as soon as I get a moment to myself (fatherhood can be soooo demanding, especially for one with a Cancerian Sun in the 4th House.... ).

However, I think that there is something wonderful that the two most contentious cards in the Book of Thoth sit together in Chesed. I like them sitting together, especially when there is so much controversy surrounding them. It has eased my aching brain after all these words concerning stars and fish-hooks and windows and ox-goads and red herrings to know that ol' Big Red is nooking up with the the wet goddess in such a warm and wonderful bed such as 'Mercy'....

And really, if Selene couldn't shack up in the closet of Daath with the virginal Priestess, then the Empress is just as scrummy for that little union. In fact, I think the Empress is rather under-rated by Big Al - he clearly had some Freudian issues going on... LOL
I kinda like the harmony there, as opposed to Moon & Star. Again, must have something to do with the whole 21-numerology thing.

Which reminds me: is there a numerological significance to 21 (other than it is the number of 'numbered' trumps in the Tarot)? 3x7; 1+2+3+4+5+6....
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