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Golden Opportunity
"Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them"

This says that your prayers have been answered. Something will be presented to you and it is a matter of not hesitiating or procrastinating. Also, this card mentions the importance of timing. This opportunity that comes your way is because you are ready for it. However, if you do not take the opportunity it does not matter that much, as other opportunities will be presented to you.

The card itself shows the Goddess in the ocean with a wave coming in behind her, and a dolphin jumping out of the water. So, this is a sense of reassurance for you, that if you have missed one opportunity, that other opportunities will also be presented to you. As the tides have a rhythm, as do the waves, they come in and then they go out again, it is an ongoing thing.

In another way the way that the ties come in and then go out again can be a symbolism for something else. It could almost be seens as similar to the endings and beginnings. In the sense that the tide brings in new opportunities and they can wash away anything that is not needed, as in a situation that no longer serves your purpose.

Going on that line of thinking, everything we do and everything that happens to us is like a learning experience. In which case, once we have learnt what we have needed to from that experience, then that would mean that you can to onto the next level, and that experience will be finished with, in a sense. During these experiences there may be feelings of anger, grief, sadness and what not, and as we are presented with this new opportunity, these feelings and thoughts could be washed away leaving only what was needed for you to gain or learn from the experience. It is possible what you have learned from previous experiences would be useful in this new opportunity.

Another way of looking at this, is that nothing stays the same. There is a constant cycle to things, and there are rhythms that we go through in our lives. But, as a whole this card says that you are proctected, safe and you will be provided for now and the future. It may indicate that even though you may feel that you are not qualified for this new opportunity presented to you, you are qualified, and let the waves wash away any self-doubts, fears, worries, insecurities and other self-sabotaging thought you may have, including your qualifications for this new opportunity.

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