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Go Outside
"You have been inside too long. Go outside and get some fresh air"

By spending time in a natural setting would help to life your spirits. Not only that, it would be good for you to get some fresh air and some sunshine. When I look at the card, there appears to be fairies in the card. So, by saying this, you can connect with fairies by spending time in a natural setting, where you can get in touch with the fairies. So they can give you inspiration and to help in guiding you in some way. You will feel freer in your mind and your heart, and you would have some creative ideas. You will feel renewed by sending time in nature, and you can look at the natural beauty.

It could be finding some time to sit outside in your garden, looking at the plants and animals that reside in your garden. Maybe you would actually like to do some gardening. You could even do something while sitting in your garden, such as writing, reading or some art work. Occasionally, you could take some time to redirect your focus on the natural beauty. Not only that, you would be able to feel the breeze and the warmth from the sun on you.

You could go camping, go on a retreat, take a walk through the woods, the bush, an national park or along the bezch. Well, it doesn't necessary have to be walking, it could be riding a bike or horse riding. Ther e are things that you can do, like swimming, surfing and sailing in the ocean, or looking at the night sky. Doing this would help to quieten your mind and put you in a positive fram of mind because of the beauty.

Perhaps you would like to do something to help the environment. Maybe you could join an environmental protection group. This card also points in that you may need to find more balance in your life, you may be spending a lot of time working and doing things for others, where you need to allocate more of your time to rest and play. Maybe you can change your job, where you would have a job where you spend more time outside, maybe as a gardener, working at horse stables, or anything along those lines.

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