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Originally Posted by Dulcimer
I'm very glad you're getting something out of it, Windhorse.
Why thank-you; its been a hoot!

Originally Posted by Dulcimer
Jupiter is ruler here and the Sephirah means Love on a Spiritual basis; compassion and self sacrifice on behalf of the greater good belong here. At first sight The Emperor looks out of place on the descending, materialising side. But Jupiter rather than Mars seems more in keeping with an Emperor.
I was just finishing reading RV O'Neill's 'Tarot Symbolism' the other night, and he seems to refer to the Jupiter = Emperor idea. Coming from the purely Astrological point of view, this correspondence fits better, especially when you take the Emperor as being the just and fair version of masculinity/patriarchy - which of course many of us post-feminist goddess-worshipping pagan types do.... LOL Given your description of CHESED based upon this, it fits wonderfully....

Originally Posted by Dulcimer
In Celtic and Greek tradition he was regularly challenged by a representative of Soveriegnty, i.e. his consort, to ensure his continued worthiness.

On the Ascending, Spiritualising, side is the Empress. The eternally pregnant, fecund nature of which fits in perfectly with the idea of controlled procreative energy. In Celtic tradition (where stag = ram) the King's wife was symbolic of the land and while he could father children (well, sons really) on her he was permitted to lead the tribe. If he became unable to fulfil this function he would be challenged and if the challenger defeated him, then the challenger became king and inherited his wife.
Celtic and Greek weren't the only cultures to have this. Excellent sources for this are of course JG Frazer's "The Golden Bough" which is essentially a study of magic religion inspired by Frazer's fascination with the ritual death of the king and associated priestess-queen.
Joseph Campbell also wrote quite a bit on this, scattered throughout most - if not all - of his work. There is a bit in his "Masks of God" series.
The other thing to remember is that the consort was both Priestess and Empress (more often than not, Priestess - especially in Sumerian/Babylonian times; see the Epic of Gilgamesh). I think you'll find in the celtic/briton/arthurian context she was the Priestess (Morgaine of Avalon), and the Empress was someone else (Gwynyfyr). But far be it for me to contradict such outstanding work thus far from yourself.....

Originally Posted by Dulcimer
OK, that's quite enough of that! I'm off to watch Stargate......
You lucky, lucky, lucky baastard! They too that off our tellys years ago - now one needs pay-tv to watch such outstanding pulp s/f tv. There's always eMule..... LMAO

Thanks for that. Got any more sephirotic notes to share?

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