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Cheers for those two books - I'll chase them up sometime...

Had a play with this tree of life thing this evening.
Interesting to say the least. I was never one for art crit in my scholarly days, so finding similarities within the artwork's form/essence was a struggle (more of a word person meself...).

I did pick up on a few things I thought intersting. The similarity between the circlular nature of the Fool and the Universe; I also thought there was a visual symmetry happening with the Lovers and the Devil which I really got excited about: is the hierophant marrying the Emperor & Empress really just the phallic column in the Devil?!
I did actually notice that visually there was some similarity of the lines in Hierophant and Adjustment - but they don't sit on the same sephira to make any connection, but I did like that.

I also had a play with switching Adjustment and Lust which I did find interesting from a comparison of meaning (as opposed to the straight visual comparison). Which comes down to points either made in this thread or over in 'Star' thread about the sequence of hebrew letters. But visually, Fortune and Adjustment work for me in some kind of weird way...

...again, I stress my complete unqualifications in assessing visual images in this way. But it was a nice little game to play on a sunday eve. Unfortunately, I feel a little blind working with Qabbalah and the sephirotic tree, as I am really only just now starting to sink my teeth into it. The Tarot Guild of Australia had a workshop earlier this month (feb) run by Evelyn Joffe on the Tarot and the Qabbalah, and it piqued my interest in the overlay of this system with the Tarot. She used Waite however, and the traditional GD layout of the paths.

Someone mentioned somewhere else around here about the path layouts which have really got me thinking: the 3 mother letters = 3 horizontal (bridging) paths; the 7 double letters = 7 vertical paths; and the 12 simple letters = 12 diagonals. Could have something in it... would love to know if anyone has written about this...

And another thing which was kinda weird tonight. After playing around with the ToL, I decided to throw a spread which Evelynne Joffe showed us at the workshop. Its a ToL spread, and one uses it to gain insight on an idea one has. So I threw it regarding my venturing out to do Tarot stuff on a 'professional' level (for want of a better word... ie, getting paid to use Tarot for readings, healings, teacings, etc). The 3rd card (sitting in Binah) is about "what you need to think about..." - I got the Star. AHHAHAHAHA Not that I haven't been doing that for the last couple of weeks.... LOL
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