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Originally Posted by Windhorse
1)Had a play with this tree of life thing this evening.

2)I also thought there was a visual symmetry happening with the Lovers and the Devil which I really got excited about: is the hierophant marrying the Emperor & Empress really just the phallic column in the Devil?!

3)I did actually notice that visually there was some similarity of the lines in Hierophant and Adjustment - but they don't sit on the same sephira to make any connection, but I did like that.

4)I also had a play with switching Adjustment and Lust which I did find interesting from a comparison of meaning (as opposed to the straight visual comparison). Which comes down to points either made in this thread or over in 'Star' thread about the sequence of hebrew letters. But visually, Fortune and Adjustment work for me in some kind of weird way...

5)Someone mentioned somewhere else around here about the path layouts which have really got me thinking: the 3 mother letters = 3 horizontal (bridging) paths; the 7 double letters = 7 vertical paths; and the 12 simple letters = 12 diagonals. Could have something in it... would love to know if anyone has written about this...

6)And another thing which was kinda weird tonight. After playing around with the ToL, I decided to throw a spread which Evelynne Joffe showed us at the workshop. Its a ToL spread, and one uses it to gain insight on an idea one has. So I threw it regarding my venturing out to do Tarot stuff on a 'professional' level (for want of a better word... ie, getting paid to use Tarot for readings, healings, teacings, etc). The 3rd card (sitting in Binah) is about "what you need to think about..." - I got the Star. AHHAHAHAHA Not that I haven't been doing that for the last couple of weeks.... LOL
Answering 1) Play is good. Play comes first.

2)You should try putting the RWS majors on the sephiroth. See what you make of the symetry between Lovers and Devil in THAT layout.

3) But there is a connection between the cards because they are on the same pillar! Again, put the RWS down on the Tree and put Justice and Strength back into the positions they were in before Waite moved them (Justice = 8, Strength = 11). Now take a look at the symetry down the left-hand side of the pillar. Keep in mind that this is the the "passive" pillar.
In fact, the RWS throws up some equally interesting graphical correspondences. Which is why I'm coming to believe it may be a Golden Dawn theory rather than a Thelemic invention.

4) The beauty of the Golden Dawn Kabbalah, as Aeon418 said back in post #00, is its flexibilty. [Stand by for My Philosophy - ahem] If you're not using it as an aid in Ceremonial Magic but rather as a mirror for understanding you own place in the Universe and what the f*** is going on (as I am), then if it works for you then it works. Period. Of course if you want to make it an objective reality as some Great Truth (eg, Emperor = Tzadi) then you'd better be able to prove it!

5) Yes, its very tempting isn't it. I played around with that idea for more years than I care to remember, but I couldn't make it work. Good luck if you want to have a go. But before you do remember that those three horizontal paths aren't static in the sense that the seven paths on the three pillars are. They are part of the same sequence of paths that constitute the diagonals. That is, they are part of the route the Lightning descending and the Serpent ascending take. They flow from the right-hand to the left-hand pillars whether the energy is going up or down the Tree.

6) and how did you interpret it?
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