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Originally Posted by Dulcimer
2)You should try putting the RWS majors on the sephiroth. See what you make of the symetry between Lovers and Devil in THAT layout.
I had done that earlier in the day whilst I was out and I actually had my RWS deck on me. Thats why I remembered to have a go with the Thoth later that evening. I didn't want to bring that up, being that we are trying to focus on Thoth here. I was already aware of the similarity of visual compostion between these two cards in the RWS - thats why I was freaking out when I saw the two Thoth cards side by side. There has to be something n it, given both boys were part of the GD club.....

And you are right of course about using GD system or otherwise. Whatever works for you....

And thanks for pointing out the 'lightning path' thing. But I will have a play nonetheless and see what comes of it. Was the 'lightning path' a GD invention?

As for how I interpreted the Star...

...well in two ways:
1) I need to think about what I really want to manifest - kinda like the ol' saying "be careful what you wish for". I have the power/skill/ability/will to manifest whatever I truly want in life - and therein lies the problem, for what do I want? Sometimes I don't make that wish, coz I am scared of unforeseen consequences; but then that attitude is debilitating! So I need to just be aware that whatever I truly really want in life is possible to be manifested.... I just need to actually ASK, make that wish - otherwise nothing will happen.

Incidentally, the other cards on that pillar: Geburah (what you need to alter/change/adjust) = 10 swords; Hod (what does my rational mind tell me) = Strength/Lust. Intrigued? I was.....

2) I have been intellectually obfuscating about the order of cards recently, as I do want to go into teaching Tarot. I am a comparativist, and believe there is an underlying truth that lies behind both systems (ie, Waite and Crowley). The Star card seems to be the key to this comparative understanding because of the whole "tzaddi is not the star" thing and (as I like to call it) 'Crowley's loop'. I need to think about what the cards mean to me, what order they lie for me, etc etc. Once I get a consistent personal and subjective understanding of what the cards mean, then I can go forth and pass this on to others - not the meanings as such, but how to use the Tarot to help one 'understand' their own reality. I don't hold much to 'objective truth' - so I need to be able to come to my own understanding of the Tarot before I teach it, otherwise I am just parroting the words of others....

Both interpretations are (subjectively) correct, both are valid, and both are related in some way. If you're interested in the whole spread, let me know. It was quite interesting, and I am very pleased with having learned this one - I know it would've been quite handy for past clients.

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