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Originally Posted by Windhorse
OKay, forgive my ignorance and inability in interpreting art - but can you explain please? Am I meant to be looking at the creatures in the corner? I'm a little slow at the moment.....
In Dulcimer's first post in this thread she drew attention to various lines going across the cards. I've always noticed that there seemed to be a rough matrix or underlying pattern to all the Major Arcana. Because it was not slavishly adhered to I was never sure exactly what the pattern was.

The jpg I sent was one I put together several years ago. (I cut the borders off one copy of my deck over 20 years ago, finding that it helped me to see the details of the cards even better.) At the time I was looking at the lower right hand corners - but you can also see that whether or not there are actual horizontal lines - there tend to be elements that suggest them.

BTW, if you aren't familiar with Steinerian Projective Synthethic Geometry and it's influence on Frieda Harris then you might want to do a google search on it. There used to be a great article on Olive Whitcher (spelling?) and Harris. (edited to correct Objective to Projective)

If this is too far off topic then I apologize. I was just taken by Dulcimer's discussion of matching lines on certain cards.

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