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Originally Posted by Windhorse
Someone mentioned somewhere else around here about the path layouts which have really got me thinking: the 3 mother letters = 3 horizontal (bridging) paths; the 7 double letters = 7 vertical paths; and the 12 simple letters = 12 diagonals. Could have something in it... would love to know if anyone has written about this...
Maybe not exactly what you are looking for But are you familiar with the Qabalistic Cube of Space?
It is constructed via ref. to S.Y. where letters are attributed direction resulting in a 3D map that has your own conciousness at the centre. The arrange ment of paths is very interesting. (All mother letters link at the centre).It also appears to be the source of traditional ritual directions and other things. See Robert Wang's "Qabalistic Tarot" where he has a map of it with tarot trumps attributed (p.134)

He also makes a good point in that this IS a map from S.Y. and the Tree isn't easily related to S.Y.
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