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Dr Jones says the keyword is REVELATION

Solarfire Part of Body: Frontal lobes of brain

a VERY Adam and Eve Symbol eh.. Isee red and green as colours for this symbol too.. I think again it refers to the battle of good versus evil, over coming temptations and transforming into a person of great and deep wisdom.

I think it can show jealousy, anger, rage, division.

I think its a very sensual symbol, the true nature of relationships is understood.

Snakes often represent hidden fears and worries that are threatening and as phallic and thus symbolizes sexuality. Serpents also represent transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes.

The iconic image of the tree guarded by the Serpent appears on Sumerian seals and is the central feature of the Garden of the Hesperides in Greek mythology. This symbol is best imagined as that of Adam and Eve with the serpent tempting them with in the Garden of Eden.

The Rainbow serpent is an important aboriginal story also.
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