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I was flicking thru my copy of the SY - by Kaplan I think (its in the other room, and I ain't gettin' up to get it now... LOL).

In the line by line breakdown of each chapter, there is a section where he presents some of the versions of the ToL. There is only two he gives with letter correlations on the paths, and they involve Trees that are not like the one used by the GD - they don't have the two side paths to Malkuth - only the path from Yesod.
The division of the paths goes along the lines of 3 mothers = horizontal paths, 7 doubles = vertical paths, 12 elements = diagonal paths.
Interestingly enough, the path from Malkuth - Yesod is signified by TAV, which in one correspondence is the FOOL. I thought that was interesting. I also liked this particular version of the Tree, and the placement of the letters - but I couldn't quite get the diagonal paths CHOKMAH-GEBURAH & BINAH-CHESED - I just feel it detracts from the mysteriousness of the Abyss, and where DAATH should lie looks cluttered with all those paths!!

There is also some stuff on the cube (somewhere up the back, I think...).

Is anyone else familiar with Kaplan's translation and exegesis on the SY? How does it rate with other works?

One thing I also found was significant differences between what is written in the SY concerning the associations of the 7 planets and 7 doubles, and the traditional [GD] tarot correspondences.
For example: Beth=Moon, Gimel=Mars (can't recall the rest...)
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