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Originally Posted by Dulcimer
Is this a deliberate muddle to throw off the unlearned? Well, it has precedent in many ancient and modern magickal literature from Taliesin to The Book of Thoth.
Yeah, but that doesn't make sense in the case of The Book of Thoth. Crowley printed the Golden Dawn attributions several times, many years before The Book of Thoth was published.

In the intervening years, as his diaries prove, he used the Star and the Emperor on an either/or basis. Only in his later work, The Book of Thoth, does he make a definite step in the direction of the Star. Maybe?

As far as the differences between the Golden Dawn and the Sepher Yetzirah go,..... well lets face it. The Golden Dawn creators took in a lot of information and knowledge from many different sources. Then they proceeded to change and alter it to suit their own needs. Essentially they created a new system from old material and then tweaked it a bit. (Butchered is a word that springs to mind ) So is it any wonder that there are a few discrepancies and differences with ancient sources?

That's why I laugh when people start screaming and shouting about Crowley's attribution of the Star = Heh = Aquarius, and then refer back to ancient sources to prove that it's wrong. If you follow those same sources then the whole Golden Dawn system is wrong as well. Crowley made a change within a new system of attributions created by the Golden Dawn.

Using the Sepher Yetzirah as proof brings both houses crashing down. The Golden Dawn made changes where they saw fit, why not Crowley. What's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.
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