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Originally Posted by Dulcimer
The part of SY which Ravenest refered to and I quoted is a supplement to Chapter 4 and doesn't appear in all translations. Methinks it is a later addition.
It's not a supplement in the well respected Aryeh Kaplan translation. But Kaplan does list and tabulate the results from several other versions of the S.Y. in which the letter/planet combinations differ from the above. Interestingly none of them are consistent with the Golden Dawn attributions either. Oh dear.
Originally Posted by Dulcimer
I would say, on that evidence, that that passage was either written by an idiot or he had some other agenda.
I think it would be more correct to say several idiots over a long period of time, all with differing agendas. I'm sure you have an explanation though.
Originally Posted by Dulcimer
If the SY was all we had to support our views, and took it verbatim, then we would be sorry Occultists indeed. Fortunately we have analytical brains and neither Aleister Crowley nor The Golden Dawn are impervious to our cynicism. Some of us are not so easily impressed by prophecy and spirit guides .
Oh great! So it's my word against yours now. Hee hee.
There's no shame in throwing in the towel. I won't laugh. Honest....
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