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“Autumnal Equinox” spread


Good point - I was looking at things from a northern hemisphere perspective. But I believe the spread is flexible enough to serve those who are interested in an autumnal version. The general idea would be:

1) Current seasonal condition (psychologically, one’s current state that is starting to wane)
2) Hints of change (new aspect trying to emerge)
3) New condition (possible future of new aspect, if allowed to mature)

From ancient times the coming of summer has been seen in a more positive light than the coming of winter, but I don’t think this need be the case today. Psychologically winter could be viewed as a process whereby one prepares for challenges, finds the strength to endure and develops resources for survival. Thus an autumnal equinox version would be:

1) The verdant warmth (that inside you which is in full flower)
2) Hints of cooler weather (survival resources developing inside you)
3) The big chill (what these resources could develop into if given the chance)

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