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Originally Posted by Dancing Bear
... the one stumbling block i did have was interpreting the last and final card.
I used it as though it really was the driving force behind the entire spread. it quitened down the tower which was bottom middle. the last card was 10 Pentacles. The entire spread was extremely positive except the Tower in the likely outcome position. how do you read the final Card?
Dancing Bear
Sorry, I don't wander in here too often, so excuse the tardyness of my response.

Remember, the Tower is not always a bad card - the tower can explode from within...

Now I follow the Kabalistic attributions where the Tower would equal Ayin (Alef = Le Bateleur, and Tzaddi is not the star ). Ayin = eye, fountain, spring, self analysis, insight...each of those can bring sudden and complete and unexpected change from within. Ayin also means and/or rules the Meatus (the eye of the penis). Nuff said...stuff to ponder...

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