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Originally Posted by Dulcimer
The Sephirah is called Severity, Justice, and Fear.
So how can The Hierophant and The Tower belong in the martial Geburah? Well, it isn't hard to see the connection with The Tower, but The Hierophant?
The Hierophant is a perfect match. He represents the macrocosmic Holy Guardian Angel. The one who leads us through the trials and tribulations of life in order that we may grow beyond the confines of our ego centred self. But sometimes the lessons can be harsh, but only when viewed from the perspective of the little ego self.
Offer thyself Virgin to the Knowledge and Conversation of thine Holy Guardian Angel. All else is a snare.
Be thou athlete with the eight limbs of Yoga: for without these thou are not disciplined for any fight.
The Tower represents the destruction of the confines of the microcosmic ego and it's restricted point of view in an explosive spiritual orgasm and union with the macrocosmic Angel. But you can't get there without work, discipline, and ordeals.
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