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Originally Posted by Shade
Here's the trick with altars. When you first start out the tendency is to put everything "spiritual" you own on the altar. It generally is pretty cluttered with crystals candles, plants, statuary and figurines etc all thrown together. But once you get going you will accumulate enough things that it just cannot all go on the altar.

Nothing mundane on the altar! In order or the space to remain special, never put mail or soda cans or anything else on that altar... not even just for a "little while."
Nodding in agreement with Shade. . . .

I have an indoor and outdoor altar. The outdoor altar is set up anew every time I use it, because I still haven't been able to get the ewwwww feeling of the image of bird poop out of my head, even though it is natural.

I just went back and took a look. . . My indoor altar is generally reflective of the current season we are in (northern hemisphere). My altar tools and deity spheres are always there, but the colors of the altar candles and the other objects, i.e., crystals, flowers, etc. change with the season and the reason I use the altar. Behind it is a framed poster of the moon that I fell in love with the moment I saw it.
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