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If you are in the U.S., I can suggest a site or two...

A. While I'm not certain yet, I ordered a blue 'wine' glass that was different from anything I found at a 'dimestore' or discount house at

it looks like a goth store though and my item has been pending for a they might not have it and will refund my money through

Below for others, some things I found lately:

B...but to be honest, I found discount houses have really good bargains.

1. One called Ross had dinner bells in crystal for under $5.00

2. Joanne's Fabrics and other fabric stores had 50 cent colored scented candles and 50 cent clear holders, ribbons, tassels, incense and candle snuffers for very little. I also found a basket of shells were a few dollars, added to ones I had.

4. Wood Wands--local trees, especially fruit trees that people prune can have discards. The wood is very light and the sandpaper is not expensive. Ornamental plum and maple are the ones I selected: our fruit trees are too young to be pruned yet.

5. Crystal wands or stone athames with deer horn--the obsidian knives work for herbs and if you are like me, kind of sensitive at times to too much metal. Black or white yarn on the handle according to your needs. I check and ebay and most of the sites have an actual store site that offers the item for less...

6. Bead shops or make-your-own-jewelry places with an "Eastern" edge have interesting bits...If you need star-shaped items, after Xmas candle items and a glass star that was for stained glass hanging and inexpensive round mirrors or mini-basket to add the circle-some people might even take a perma marker to trace a star around a CD they don't want or a round sheet of paper. Even shiny cutouts from stickers (ever see the stars in different colors at the grocery store office supplies? There's an interest range of items when one keeps the inner eyes open..

7. Someone said look in kitchen or crafty hobby stores or places that sell unique garden supplies if you cannot get river rocks, seashells or 'green' items...

I think my search through e-bay and helped me to price things when I glanced at local stores for the look and feel of things that I wanted.

Happy hunting!

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