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Planet Series: JUPITER -- How do we express the symbol in our charts

In this PLANET SERIES thread I would like to try something a little different; "How do we individually express and experience Jupiter in our chart?"

To approach this question and to keep it from running away from us in terms of complexity and expansion due to other factors, we need to exercise some self discipline. To help, I would suggest that we start with some keywords for the planet itself and some keywords for the houses of the chart. We can then combine some/all/more of these keywords and then compare their synthesized meaning with our own life and experience relative to Jupiter. I'll use some text from the book "The House Book" by Stephanie Camilleri just so that I do not interject or bias the thread with my own ideas and concepts.

Greater benefic; strong positive energy; gift-giving, uncles and patrons, supporter of the second half of life (Venus support the early part of life), material benefits, gifts of the soul, wisdom, understanding, tolerance, inspiration (? -- I would think "grand ideas and vision"), gifts that can conflict with mundane goals, hope, optimism and cheerfulness (when on the angles), expansion, multiplication, exponential increase, harvest and those periods in life between 45/50 and 65/70, pride, good luck, charm and charisma. For the body, Jupiter relates to vision, the brain, liver and sense of taste.

** First House; appearance personality as seen by others, health. With planets here, the person tends to be self-involved and determined.
** Second House; resources, sense of values, sense of place, the quality and amount of self-esteem, personal environment and surroundings (clothes?), ones hidden sexual nature (?!). With planets here, the person tends to be acquisitive in nature.
** Third House; siblings, neighbors, young people, early school, relatinships with people who are nearby, cars, taxis, transportation, short trips, team sports, basic learning as it affects the ability to communicate. With planets here, a person likes to be around other people and will avoid self-imposed solitude.

** Fourth House; home, family, roots, ancestors, heritage, parents (especially the father in wester cultures), land, real estate, gardens, farms, interior decorating and related activities such as painting and decorating, protection, dinner and relaxation, the end of things or final result or death. (My thought is that planets here can indicate the way/manner in which family training and early experiences were formed).
** Fifth House; romantic relationships, sexual intercourse, conception, childbirth, one's own children and students, hobbies, private workshops, creative efforts, art and performance studios, theater, dance, drama, music, art, self-fulfillment. Planets here suggest a person with a charismatic personality who energizes other by their presence.
** Sixth House; work, service, jobs, health, employers and employees, dependents, pets, small animals, work place, offices, secretaries, duty, dedication, maintenance, knowledge gain thru repitition, working with data, compassion gained thru service to others. Planets here suggest that health and dependability are issues.

** Seventh House; partner, mate, partnerships in general, marriage, divorce, open enemies, one's "opposite", the other that both repels and attracts, knowledge gained thru experiences of others (not personal experience), board rooms and council chambers, courtrooms, lawyers and judges. Planets here tend to favor lots of relationships, lots of trips to court, lots of "ups and downs" in ones life.
** Eighth House; secrets, death, near-death experiences, taxes, banks, loans, partner's money, partner's sexuality, inheritance, foundation grants, occult, ESP, hidden matters, fate and important last-life events. Planets here indicate that nobody can ever really get to know you.
** Ninth House; long-distance travel, higher education (science and philosophy, especially) in liberal arts, religion, politics, breaking routines, hiking and searching the sky, churches colleges, study groups, airplanes and travel away from home areas, communication.

** Tenth House; career, reputation among non-friends, influence of your efforts, relationship with parents (and the mother). Planets here suggest one will make a strong career effort to establish themselves.
** Eleventh House; friendships, dreams, groups with common interests, our relationship with the surrounding community. Many planets here point to social contacts and an ability to engage and succeed in large scale social endeavors.
** Twelth House; self-undoing, ares the require patient self-study, therapy, hidden issues from the general public and associates, large institutions, governemt agencies, large animals. Planets here indicate an opportunity to resolve feelings of karma (or victimization).

So our task is to consider the two sets of keywords and discuss them with the group so that we can come to better understand Jupiter. Why? Because my experience has been that everyone is sort of glib and shallow when asked to consider the role that Jupiter plays in their lives. This exercise will better ground us in our appreciation of the big guy's role in our charts and lives. Dave.
PS -- this is a great place for our newer list-participants to jump in and start sharing.
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