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Originally Posted by star-lover
Hi Cielo
couple quick questions on this spread which I tried and was pretty amazed - love the layout too

1.Where I stand in the relationship.
Does this mean how you feel in general within the relationship or does it mean how the other sees you/how you stand in their eyes (sorry i seem to be having some mental block about this lol)

2.What's crossing me. what does this mean? does it mean what is coming up for me? something faced with at the moment?

Hi Star-lover!

Thank you for your interest!

For the first position, what I had in mind was how I see myself within the relationship, for example: nurturing, demanding, judgmental, surrendering,- general attitude and energy that I feel within the framework of this union.

The second position is meant to signify what obstacles I put upon my path. Sometimes selfdoubt can be a problem, lack of trust, issues from the past, everything that may be preventing me from fulfilling the full potential of the current relationship. These would be issues to meditate on, in order to make a positive change for a happier relationship.

Hope this helps!
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