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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
Greater benefic; strong positive energy; gift-giving, uncles and patrons, supporter of the second half of life (Venus support the early part of life), material benefits, gifts of the soul, wisdom, understanding, tolerance, inspiration (? -- I would think "grand ideas and vision"), gifts that can conflict with mundane goals, hope, optimism and cheerfulness (when on the angles), expansion, multiplication, exponential increase, harvest and those periods in life between 45/50 and 65/70, pride, good luck, charm and charisma. For the body, Jupiter relates to vision, the brain, liver and sense of taste.
Twelth House; self-undoing, ares the require patient self-study, therapy, hidden issues from the general public and associates, large institutions, governemt agencies, large animals. Planets here indicate an opportunity to resolve feelings of karma (or victimization).
I have this combo, Jupiter comes across as an extravert type of energy but when in mixture to my 12th house Cancer, it becomes very private and quiet, almost at a loss for words. Whatever I am currently experiencing or have experienced that has proven to be "difficult" on an emotional level never comes out to the general public, ever. I know of some hairdressers who will tell you their life story, regardless, in public I just stick to surface chat, nothing deep or of importance to me. I just think that that sort of stuff is sensitive and that they really don't want to hear it. So I think the side effect of this is they (my customers) really don't know me, I may be a walking enigma to them for all I know. So I am very interested in resolving many issues but in particular where I felt exploited on some level. Perhaps with this position, I would be fortunate to find a good therapist, was thinking of doing that somewhere down the line. Since I'm short on cash now, I'm trying to do the bulk of it on my own with the help of many books and different tool, like astrology.
I certainly do feel I am well aided and "protected" on a spiritual level.
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