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i tried this last night. it went really well, so i will be using this cast often.

should i have left the upside down runes to 'connect the dots'? i removed them and got a much clearer picture. it appeared as three lines all pointing to the same rune. wunjo! yippee!!! i noticed that the runes closest to me, seemed to have the most relevance to my life at this time.

the biggest question i have, is how to read the three sided runes? i had three turn up in this cast. the rune side was up, but on the face of the stones, furthest from me. i was unable to see them from where i was sitting. i took note of them, but didn't give them as much value.

the only runes, right next to each other, were sowilo and dagaz. needless to say, that relationship was clear to me. perhaps we could have some threads about the various relationships and bindrunes?
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