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Jupiter in Scorpio, 4th house

strong positive energy; gift-giving, material benefits, gifts of the soul, wisdom, understanding, tolerance, inspiration (? -- I would think "grand ideas and vision"), gifts that can conflict with mundane goals, hope, optimism and cheerfulness (when on the angles), expansion, multiplication, exponential increase, pride, good luck, charm and charisma.

** Fourth House; home, family, roots, ancestors, heritage, parents (especially the father in wester cultures), land, real estate, gardens, farms, interior decorating and related activities such as painting and decorating, protection, dinner and relaxation, the end of things or final result or death. (My thought is that planets here can indicate the way/manner in which family training and early experiences were formed).

Expressing Jupiter:
I find that whether or not it is due to the fact that as a child I had very little interaction with my extended family, I am entranced with the cultural origins of my family. I have always been fascinated by history (I was the nerdy kid that thought the trip to Gettysburg was cool). Even though my Sag sun sign often interferes, I enjoy painting, have discovered that I rather like home decorating and am generally crafty and artistic (you would never think if you met me). It is true, my father had a great influence in my upbringing as he divorced my mother and in a rather unusual turn of events gained custody of me. In undergraduate studies I naturally aligned myself with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to study veterinarian medicine. I have a natural green thumb. My friends send their plants to me for "rehab" and I haven't ever lost a plant yet (knock on wood).
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