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jupiter in sagitarius in 4th here

Greater benefic; strong positive energy; gift-giving, uncles and patrons, supporter of the second half of life (Venus support the early part of life), material benefits, gifts of the soul, wisdom, understanding, tolerance, inspiration (? -- I would think "grand ideas and vision"), gifts that can conflict with mundane goals, hope, optimism and cheerfulness (when on the angles), expansion, multiplication, exponential increase, harvest and those periods in life between 45/50 and 65/70, pride, good luck, charm and charisma. For the body, Jupiter relates to vision, the brain, liver and sense of taste.


** Fourth House; home, family, roots, ancestors, heritage, parents (especially the father in wester cultures), land, real estate, gardens, farms, interior decorating and related activities such as painting and decorating, protection, dinner and relaxation, the end of things or final result or death. (My thought is that planets here can indicate the way/manner in which family training and early experiences were formed).

just a few things that seem to fit

education - always wanted to go to university but didnt make it at 18 - i did an open university course from *home* on history, culture, religion, philosophy and art history
have taught myself many things on my own from home on correspondence courses - one of them being interior design which fits (also venus sextile jupiter) and astrology (jupiter trine uranus)
my father is a larger than life character and very wise
uprooted from country of birth and emigrated to the uk at early age (5)
dinner and relaxation - i like a good time and a good drink now and again - love giving parties
in general been quite lucky in my life and always felt *protected* even when things were really dire - a deep sense of faith was always there and i knew would pull me out
i may be stuck at home alot but i travel far from within these four walls lol
(internet helps - jupiter trines uranus)
have profited financially in my 40s from real estate investment with family
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