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Originally Posted by pumog
I've also got Jupiter in 4th, in Taurus. Interestingly my father was also "uprooted from country of birth" - via having to become a refugee and escape a civil war zone, though i'm not sure how that fits in to this placement. My father is not an earthy type to look at or in behaviour, but loves gardening and walking in the countryside. I come from a background where my father's family were extremely rich - until the events which led to him having to escape - but he still managed to do well in his new country and so I have always been protected and secure. However I've never been particularly happy with my home life (see details of chart in list) - possibly because of Jupiter being focus of T square between the Sun and Saturn. My home was rich and comfortable but not a jolly place!
my father emigrated for political reasons too...............snap!!!!!!!!!!! was a few years after a civil war but the fall out was a very right wing government who laid down on people alot - chaos etc - he had 2 kids so did what he had to do for the best

emmigrated with a few pounds to his name
years of poverty in uk just working and making ends meet but
30 years later was richish and happier

bless you
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