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Some comments

These observations have been quite intriguing, supporting some of Jupiter's given and popular "meanings" as well as suggesting a few unexpected meanings that I don't see discussed.

For Pumog: I also have Sun (with Neptune) as part of a T-square -- Sun opp Saturn, both square Jupiter. I can concur on not having a particularly happy home -- some of which I attribute to my Venus being opposite the wife's Saturn and her Moon being on my ASC. Thus she tends to dampen my creative and relationship processes while expecting that I will act in response to her moods. Wrong! But, in terms of the Jupiter square Sun and square Saturn, I feel that my sense of organizing things and conducting my relationships just doesn't fit with her ways of doing things and that this stress in the daily routines of life is a big part of a stressful relationship.

Gardening: For those mentioning agriculture and gardening-related interests for Jupiter, this is an unexpected twist. I myself would have never thought of gardening as Jupiter-related. Perhaps we'll get some additional feedback from the others on the list. HEAR THAT! FEEDBACK ON JUPITER & GARDENING is needed, list.

As for Jupiter on the 4th-10th house axis and its relationship to imigration, starting a new life, etc. that is interesting. Perhaps at some future time when we explore houses we can go deeper into the 4-10 axis and family characteristics.

Luck and protection: Yes, this comes thru quite clearly and is considered one of Jupiters primary services, keeping us from being hurt by ourselves.

I'll keep this thread open for a while longer before starting anything else to see if others participate. Then, we'll see if the list is up to grabbing a hold upon Uranus with the final, 6th key to understanding one's personality and basic chart meanings. Dave
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