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I didn't realize you were going to do a book as well Kat. My favourite decks all have books and I'm very keen on getting all the artist's information and references to each card. Particularly with this kind of deck which is packed with artists that are not as well known generally. Great, now I'm even keener!

Also, I believe that Tarot Garden usually offers a pre-publication discount on decks so that's another good incentive to order through them. I am in Canada and don't use a credit card but I believe they allow payment by cheque or money order which makes it easier for those out of the U.S.

Isn't it great to have the support of the Tarot community? I have met some wonderfully supportive creative people myself, and it makes such a difference to feel that people are behind you, and it lifts you up when their kindness is extended toward you. It's a lovely community.

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