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Compliments are fine in context...

Hi Molly,

*Grin* You're welcome to compliment my deck and my sitebuilding skills as much as you like! The only time I get creeped out is when people compliment *me* rather than my work. I don't find it so scary if it's about my work. Although...

Funny story - I was once life-modelling for a friend's drawing class, as her model had failed to show & she was in a real jam. I'm no exhibitionist - I'm really quite shy and I hate being nude, even at home. But I feel strongly that people should have the opportuity to learn to draw from life, so I have occasionally done the modelling thing 'for art's sake'. Anyway, so I was standing there nude in front of all these super-cool art students in an inner-city Sydney class, and one guy says "Hey, aren't you Kat Black, the artist? I LOVE your work!". Hmm, thanks. Can we have this conversation sometime when I'm not naked in front of 20 strangers???

Luckily, getting recognised isn't something that happens very often to an artist. Or tarot author hopefully!

But somewhere safe and private like here... compliment me as much as you like
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