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Unhappy help with my strange Reiki dream!...

* * * warning: this is sure to be a rather lengthy post.
if you are faint of heart, bored easily, or hate dreaming, do not read any further * * *

ok, i had this weird dream this morning. first i will give some details that i think are important.

* i am currently unemployed, have been all summer. this has been great cause
a) it has given me extra time to work on my "thought" patterns and try to be a more positive thinker and manifester

b) it has given me time to work on my tarot seriously

* we are planning to move to seattle soon, and i'm really wanting to read professionally out there, if possible

* i have always been one to remember my dreams except this summer. i haven't remembered as many. i haven't slept well, waking up frequently and at odd hours.
but this dream i feel i had early in the morning, and woke up several times after and still remembered it vividly.

* i decided yesterday i may need to try harder to get a job, or take one i don't want that much for a while, instead of waiting for the perfect job, etc. so i started thinking about this last night, and considering whether i should try to get a "reading" job out here for the time being, if possible

* * * * * DREAM * * * * * *

1. i am looking for a job. somehow or another i hear of a woman who may need help or an assistant. i go to see her.

2. she teaches Reiki, bellydancing, and a variety of other things.

3. we have a very long talk. she likes me and says i have good strong energy. we talk so long i end up spending the night on her couch or chair.

4. i don't ever call my sister to tell her im not coming home. i think about it, and decide she won't worry about me.

5. i can't sleep there. she is playing country music.

6. in the a.m. a bunch of people come over for some ritual. tons of people, and teenage girls, and an old guy who is probably the grandfather or elder.

7. this ritual thing involves staying in a room all together, sort of caveish, and there is oil, water, and other stuff i don't remember. everyone is in belly dancing outfits or robes. while it is serious, they are all having fun and being lighthearted as well.

8. after ritual thing, she wants to know do i want to get involved in this. now it has gone from a potential job {which wasn't to pay a lot, but she was going to teach me Reiki and bellydancing as compensation} where i would assist with all the clients and preparation of stuff, to me becoming involved in some group.

9. she says to come back at 4pm.

10. i come back with my mom (why! would i do this?!)

11. they say their belief system rivals christianity. not argumentatively, but as though they don't need to believe in christianity because this is its equal somehow or something

12. i worry that this system may exclude my interest and involvement in witchcraft. i am more of a pagan than a religious cult person, so am concerned that this group would ask me to give up what i am learning.

13. they tell me to come back at midnight to talk further with the grandfather type, and that i shouldn't be alone at any time today.

14. my mom and i fight after leaving house, cause she is avid christian and wants me to walk with jesus, blah blah blah

*** ok that is the dream. here are notes! (told you this would be long!)

2- i have taken Reiki I and want to go on with the other levels, but need a teacher and $ for classes
2- i have been wantiing to take up bellydancing, and am going to take classes from a woman in seattle
3- i do have strong energy. all psychics tell me this
4- i worry like crazy when my sister is late and doesn't call me.
i would always call. the fact that i don't makes me wonder if i am "mesmerized" by the situation, or why am i being irresponsible. (though she really probably wouldn't worry)
5- i haven't been sleeping well
6- a few years ago i met a grandfather of a Lakota tribe who gave me my Native Earth name in a sweat lodge. we have since had difficult situations between us, him pressuring me to help ground him in ceremonies, and get more involved in ways i don't want to. he has pressured me a lot.

everything else i have no idea!

all of this just cause i thought i'd start looking for a tarot reading job around here!
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