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for my freind napea

* * * * * DREAM interpration. * * * * * *

1.when the student is ready the teacher will appear

2. there are other things you can do , perhaps combined them with tarot reading.

.3.the fact you don't remember what you were talking shows the message was for your subsconsiouc. the period of sleep suggest an incubation period which you need to assimilate the message into your life.

4.message that to let your sister go, she trust you enough not to worry about you it is time to do the same for her and move on with your life. it is your time now.

5. do you recall the song ? perhaps hidde meaning is in the song.

.6 it is showing that like minded people stick together and tend to follow older soul level spirits

7.well. it is a reminder not to be serious but be like the monk who dances :O) this remind me of outing we did in winnipeg we were up all night talking about spiritual stuff in a ashtar command group we did ritual got up and dance, and did chanting then in the morning we all went home . the cavish aspects reminds me of that for we did it in the darkbut for a small dimmed lamp which came to look like a camp fire.

8.this is deeper then job obivisouly whatever the dream is pointing to is a new career where possibly you be the learner but i give you a differnt aspects. it is obivious she is a spirit guide. and wants you to do reiki, belly dancing, and you will be taught the deeper aspects as you do it by her over time notice no tarot is mentioned for she is telling you that it is more then the tarot for your abilitis

9.from 330 to 430 go walk around in your area and follow you impressions for you will stop or read a flyer or something for you the timing is important not where. if you should move that is the time to go look there as well.

10. (it is obivious that you need to get your approval in the beliefs that were instilledin you by your mother,, kind of reconciling.

11,the deeper meaning of reiki is that stems from christ they say for it was the method he used when he was healing, called king;s touch. it is not curretnly as powerful as when christ used it for it is said he made people walk, the blind see. yet reiki is alwasy developing new symbols, new systems. trying to get better and deeper yet too much is dependant on symbols and not beleif.
deep down that is what worries you, reiki been changed to be universal beilief all that mattered was the attunemet and the symbols. what abut the belief?(though i heard of second degree having symbols that mentally attune the person to a better life)
might want to try some other systems but not know this they too are controlling, when it comes to money.example radiance was changed to make it sound less it is by a maser radiance praticioner that it is not true radiance on a website review i saw about their book. your wondering about faith in this.

12.that in it; self is a message to not worry walk your own path and follow your own heart. i think you are really refering to the reiki system deep down and not the group systems.

13. . in this dream , a guide would tell you that you are never alone especialy in the dream world. why would the grandfather type be there a the witching hour ?
mahap you can talk to the grandfather type at the midnigh in your mediatins. and to use your friends network to help you get through your difficult times.

14. the dream is telling you no matter what you do, try to live up to others expectation and you wil not be able to do it live up to your own path and soul direction. she doesn't control your life either :O)

1 not to say reiki is not for you , but maybe other systms of reik .
aslo seek out certain teachers other are cheaper then others :O)
2. might be warning you abou the woman in seattle
3- you were born with a strong energy field , that has give more of a reciver field then the normal person .
4- i worry like crazy when my sister is late and doesn't call me.
i would always call. the fact that i don't makes me wonder if i am "mesmerized" by the situation, or why am i being irresponsible. (though she really probably wouldn't worry) it is time to let her be her person, the only thing you can do is send her light and ask her spirit guides, her animal and the creator to look afterhere,
5- get some sleep :O) with the teas, and the herbs,
6- a few years ago i met a grandfather of a Lakota tribe who gave me my Native Earth name in a sweat lodge. we have since had difficult situations between us, him pressuring me to help ground him in ceremonies, and get more involved in ways i don't want to. he has pressured me a lot. he sees the potential in you ,, but a teacher rarely treats by pressue, but makes you work for it. it may be that his time of passing is coming soon (the midnight hour) and they want you to talk to him and learn all you can before he goes, especially shamanic aspects. your mind was telling you to get involved in the sweat lodge before it is lost to you .
cave rituals sweatlodge is dark and there is opening in between rounds lik a cave) we know the sweat lodge represens the mothr womb why she was in the dream . and also she was wanting you to go christian. on a deeper level you associate the native spirituality with rules much like christianity. yet nanabishoo the creator son of the natives was the christ third coming.and he tauht a differntway of living as we had no previous writings, no books, just oral tradition and our way of life and a totally differnt enviroment then the middle east where he was from . or where ever bethlem and irseal is. as i don't know my geophraphy.

should you wish i be more then happy to read your cards on the situation :O)
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