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oh HOLMES, i am crying (ok, misting a little!)
your interpretation is so full of thought and understanding and so indepth. thank you sooooooo much for this.

you know, i didn't make the connection at all that this dream had much to do with reiki. funny. when i first took the Reiki I class, i was so excited. many people have told me i was a healer, and that i would help heal people and the earth. and i got so excited to learn about reiki. then after a while, i wasn't sure that i would be affective at it.

thank you for all of this information. i know you are right, that the walk and path i am on right now has much more than just tarot. and thank you for the advice about the grandfather, the walking and seeing signs, and the woman in seattle

this is a wonderful interpretation. when are you going to charge people for this kind of stuff?

many blessings to you and much love my friend.
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