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hmmmm..... thanks guys.

yep. STRESS. haha. doesn't that seem to be the cause of everything? but, yes, it is fitting. definitely been stressed, to say the least AND battling some health problems. just found it odd that my finger would change like that!

went to show it to a friend yesterday, who is familiar in palmistry -- and the lines were practically gone! too faint to see! whereas earlier that day they were so deep and tinglely and even seemed to be forming into the letter "H"

haha. so yes. I guess it means I'm stressed, ill, and now CRAZY!

thanks for your responses. .... and the mystery continues.

oh, I did find out that the left hand ring finger is connected to the heart. a main artery runs that way. which is why, when you get married, it is traditional to put a ring on that finger -- to symbolize how you are now connected with your partner, heart to heart. also, of course, tied into the heart chakra.

I guess my finger is just being tempermental.
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