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This is a lovely Star card. I know the Star card nearly always is but I love all the images here. It represents many aspects of a positive state of mind.

To me this card is about hope, wishing and healing.

What does a Pandoras box represent? It represents a closed and locked collection of everything bad, scary and dangerous. However, Pandora's courage has enabled her to open it despite being in a damaged state. Now traditionally a star is something that we wish upon so with the courageous opening of the dreaded box, among other things, a glowing star has been released. Pandora is awestruck as she realises that with release of all she thought was bad, has found that she is now free to wish again.

Then, when I think of the release of the 'nasty' bugs I get a real feeling of healing. Pandora has opened a box of tricks (her unconcious) knowing that it will probably contain a whole bunch of trouble but ends up realising that it allows a purging of potentially fatal feelings and thoughts thereby healing begins.

And, to me, angels are all about healing as well as hope and rainbows are about wishing and hoping.
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