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yet another strange dream

since other people have been posting strange dreams, I thought I'd post one of my own that's been recurring this week.

I dream that I'm walking through Fair Oaks, this beautiful old park in Central Minneapolis, and I meet this guy. Each time, it is him who initiates contact with me, and each time he shows me something different from his life. He seems intent on trying to get me to see something central in the dream: once his book collection, once his house, once a scar on his arm. I've had this dream every night and I'm not sure I buy into the idea of soul mates, per se, but I'm wondering if someone is trying to psychically contact me? This person appears the same in every dream, and I remember what he looks like distinctively - and it's no one I've ever seen before.

Not nearly as cool as caitlin's dream - I'd LOVE to have a dream like that! - but if anyone has any thoughts or has had someone try to contact them in the dream world before, thoughts would be appreciated.

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