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totally with you on the book thing--it's more important than some distributors seem to think...
my picks:
--any of the creations by Brian Williams, including the book he wrote for Michael Goepford's Light and Shadow Tarot. anything he does is an education--always worthy.
--any of Robert Place's creations. also very scholarly.
--The Celtic Wisdom Tarot; the book is illustrated, hardback, and textuallly complete, IMO.
--Legend: The Arthurian Tarot; this book stands alone as a nifty guide to Arthur, et al., because of the stories given for each of the 78 cards.
--Robin Wood Tarot: The Book; yes, i know this book doesn't come with the deck, but it should! as a set, it would make a great gift for a beginner. i don't use this deck, though i like it well enough; however, i learned oodles from the book.
--Wheel of Change Tarot; rife with information. a seriously chunky read.

okay, that's all (for now...)
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