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I just got this deck, so I am going to revive some of the old threads I think If anyone is around, please join in!

The empress, I'm starting with this card because this is the one I often identify with in a deck.

I love the flowing skirts in her dress, somehow this to me seems to symbolise abundance and feminity. Her chair does look like wings, and it seems to me that the base of the chair has an opening which though it you can see the ground.

In the background to the right you can see a orange circle - it could be the sun representing a new day, but it also could be an orange or other piece of fruit.

The empress looks out at the viewer with a calm face - niether happy nor sad. She is content.

If the ball down the bottom is the moon, perhaps this reflects the feminine feelings associate with the moon. I don't know much about astrology at the moment, so there could be more to this than I know.

It's a lovely card, I like it alot.
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