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Golden Tarot Tour

Hi Mari,

Ah yes, it's a dream of mine too - to visit as many of my sources as I can. I've never even been to Italy! About 75% of the material for Golden Tarot is Italian, and I'd love to tour Florence, Assisi, Naples, Milan, Verona etc. I'm happy to offer my services as Tour Guide

A fairly large percentage of my sources for GT were (and thankfully still are) frescoes on walls of cathedrals. As you'd know they're from a period before portable art was widespread, so the ones that are in Galleries in other places have usually been chipped off walls, or if on wood, panels broken into segments. That's kinda sad - although I suppose at least they still exist, survived WW2 etc.

My King of Coins is from the Wilton Diptych, which is in the Sainsbury Wing at the National Gallery in London. It's one of the few of my sources that I've seen myself 'in the flesh' and it's gorgeous. The whole Sainsbury Wing is a stunning experience.

US readers can see a few too - Death's skeleton is a Jan Van Eyck from the Met in NY and two of the angels' faces are from a Masolino Da Panicale in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

I'm so excited that other people are interested in my sources and want to visit the original artworks. Love of Medieval & early Renaissance art was my main motivation in producing the original GT - so if it encourages more people to visit the paintings for real I will have succeeded beyond my dreams!
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