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Originally posted by Teranar
Was this guy's scar about halfway up on his right forearm, and did it have a faint feeling of dread and/or evil in it? If it is, I know something about it.
Terenar - I didn't get any sense of dread or evil from the scar. It was more like one friend showing another "battle scars", if that makes sense. Honestly, I can't remember very clearly, it's been a few weeks, but I think the scar was just above or below the elbow.

I would very much like to know your thoughts, though.

Zorya - sure, I don't mind posting it. I started a guided meditation by imaging myself sinking underwater in a large pool...each exhalation plunging me deeper. When I got to the bottom of the pool I found myself in the desert - in this case, a particular hiking trail near North Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. At the trailhead I envisioned a well in which I left all of my worries, and began walking southwest and uphil on the trail, which winds between two large foothills. It was daylight but as I kept walking it got dark and I began to get a little afraid. I then found myself holding a lamp in front of me, like the Hermit in some Tarot Decks. Then I began to notice there were wraiths whizzing by on either side of me - faceless shadows, and I began to get scared. I ducked into a cave and found myself walking deeper and deeper into the mountain, and eventually I came out in a very large underground cavern through which a river flowed. The walls and the floor of the cavern were made up of purple crystal and purple crystal sand. I then noticed my lamp was gone and there, standing by the river in front of a natual stone pillar, was the guy from my dreams. He smiled, shook my hand, and patted me on the shoulder, and then said, "You've nothing to fear." I felt the urge to take a deep breath and as I did, I felt as if I was sucking him inside of me, if that makes any sense at all. I then saw a doorway at the other end of the cavern and went through it, at which point I became fully conscious again.

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