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Glad this spread is out here

Well at first I had started out with the Lovers spread 13 heart shaped because of a current relationship....
i have been in an on again-off again relationship with a closed mouthed hard-headed Virgo man that is so hard to read for, besides the fact of getting to know...the Lovers spread 13 heart shaped really clarified everything! Let's just put it this way...I had NO IDEA he felt this way about me.....I thought we were only friends! BUt I was kind of disappointed to find out that the future didnt look too good, without a little help from the cosmos...heheheh.....that's why I went into THIS spread and THAT shed even more light into the relationship
Anybody got any advice on how to read further into a hard-headed Virgo man who is afraid to divulge his feelings??? lol BTW I'm a hard-headed Pisces lol
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