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how interesting is this, HOLMES?

i went walking, llike you said, and thought, hmmmm, i should sit here during lunch hour and do readings, and maybe people walking by will want some? (this is downtown by where all the workers go by)

well, i didn't actually do that yet.
but after thinking that, i started thinking of other things i could do.
and last night i asked the universe to answer something very specifically for me..."if it is in my best interest to do blah and blah, then please bring me more tarot clients, so i can see that this is on the path.."

well. a week ago i made some chakra candles for my Reiki master/teacher. i only today packed them up and went to see her. i let her know about me doing tarot and gave her the website, and she said. "oooo, i want a reading"

well, i didn't have my cards, so she sent her assistant over to her house to get HER cards. and then she offered to put me in as a reader before one of her classes on psychic development.
so i will read 3-4 times a month for 3 hours at a time, doing past life readings there! yay! my answer the very next day!
i had been wondering yesterday and today where i should go to do readings, a coffee shop, a restaraunt, where? and here it is, right with the Reiki master, similar to in my dream, where she invites me to work and become one of "them".

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