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Originally Posted by Ross G Caldwell
It could be that "waraq" is a Persian word, and "warak" (admittedly I don't know the Arabic spelling, where "k" could be different from "q") is an Arabic word.
Sorry Ross, 'warak' was a typo, it should have read 'waraq'. To offer a brief summary on meaning of 'waraq' so far:

The Mamluk money suit are Dirhams. Dirahms were coins of Silver [waraq] , according to Imam Malik used for commercial transactions by the Iraqis. From Islamic judgements related to blood money we can approximate an idea of relative value:

"Umar laid down the following payments: one hundred camels for those whose wealth was in camels (ahl al ibil), ten thousand dirhams for those who used silver (ahl al waraq), one thousand dinars for those who used gold (ahl al dhahab), two thousand one-year-old sheep for those whose wealth was in sheep (ahl al sha'), two hundred cows for those whose wealth was in cows (ahl al baqar), and two hundred dresses for those whose wealth was in clothing (ahl al hullah)."

Coincindentally (?) in arabic/urdu waraq also means 'paper' [ala waraq = on paper]; 'card' [fal-e waraq = divination by playing cards; waraq al-la'ib = playing cards]; 'leaf' [Waraq al-Khayal = fancy's leaf (Cannabis); mahshi waraq'inab" = stuffed vine leaf]; other meanings include Flake, Foil, Folio, Page, Sheet.

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