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Originally Posted by bradford
Great thread folks.
Learning lots but not much to offer.
I've been on the lookout for Islamic connections to both
Tarot and QBLH for a long time, even as far as China,
where the Arabs first got paper (7th cent).
Found one twixt Yijing and QBLH that was likely an Arab connection.
There's a few pages about an early Arabic Tarot in Idries Shah's
the Sufis (an appendix?), where he discusses a few of the Trumps.
But of course it's hard to picture Trump figures in a deck with any
connection to Islam - they had to convey any sense of divinity
in arabesque patterns.
Diane O'Donovan maintains that the trumps, especially those of the so called 'Charles VI' deck, are devices connected to astronomical constellations. This would create no problem with Islamic sources, while figurative art was banned in specifically religious contexts, such as mosques, it was used in secular arts and sciences, such as astronomical manuscripts. See post here:

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