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Muluk Wa Nuwwab and Sufic Chess

Kwaw et al. hello,

In regard to the deeper implications of Muluk Wa Nuwwab and especially in the light of the fact that the four suits signs of scimitars, darahim, cups and polo-sticks form persistent symbolic metaphors in Persian mystical poetry and Sufi verse as our friend Paul Huson has clearly pointed out, my wife recently drew my attention to a page in Annemarie Schimmel's study 'The Triumphal Sun: A Study of the Works of Jalaloddinn Rumi' in a section on the significance of gaming as a metaphor in the Mevlana's verse -specifically Schimmel refers to an 18th century Indian text (presently extant only in untranslated manuscript at Delhi) on 'spiritual chess', in which the game of Chess is interpreted as a complete guide to the stations of the path of Tasawwuf and the mystical way of the Sufi - Paul H. has suggested that a similar resonance with the imagery of Muluk Wa Nuwwab cards might have been extant at some point and who knows what works in Arabic and Persian are lying untranslated in Near Eastern collections which might shed some light on this possibility. Maybe Idries Sayed Shah's fanciful correlation between Tarocchi and Tariqa might have something to it after all...

all the best
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