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Originally Posted by gorgeousbutterfly
I was walking my dog, lucky in the evening and i walked by and saw a large feather, a grey one. it was so pretty it looked like the ones you see in movies. i know i read somewhere that if you see this its extremely good luck and a good omen. but what does it mean excatly? it looked like it was a sign for me. it was sitting on the floor next to a doorway maybe that means something too?
Well a lot of books I have been reading about angels say that the angels often leave us feathers as a sign that they are there beside us, and helping us at thsi time.

I saw one a few weeks ago in the elevator or our apartment building, which is rather an unusual place to see one. Then a few days later I started to have experiences that taught me to believe in angels. I know they were with me at that time, even before I was ready to acknowledge them.

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